Obviously we can't provide in-person training at the moment so during these unprecedented times, when many of us have downtime from our usual working routines, we have an opportunity to Plan, Adapt, Learn and Share! With that in mind we are delighted to announce an exciting new feature for members - A Webinar programme!

Please note that many more will be listed soon so do keep revisiting this page (as it's where everything will be listed).

25th May .... 10am (10:00) -
‘Get Your Life Back - Edit Efficiently!’ with Gary Hill
Learn how to edit your images in a way that will help you to get your life back! With 3 minute edits on portraits, say goodbye to sleepless nights and stressful deadlines!

25th May .... 2pm (14:00) - 'Kev's Critique Corner' with Kevin Pengelly
Kevin critiques a variety of images selected from entries from the images entered into April's IOM

26th May .... 10am (10:00) - 'Have you prepared a plan to bounce out of this recession?' with Ronan Ryle"
Have you prepared a plan to bounce out of this recession? If 'No' then you need a business success plan to do so.

26th May .... 2pm (14:00) - 'Why you need a Digital Session Guide and How to Create one' with Kim Dixon
Kim will be looking at how a great session guide can help you to deliver key information to your clients.

27th May .... 10am (10:00) - ‘It's a roller coaster!' - My journey from qualification through to Photographer of the Year 2019 with Lynne Harper
Lynne will talk you through her personal journey and the progression of her work from gaining firstly Qualification in 2018 through to winning the Guild’s Newborn and All-Round Photographer of the Year 2019.

27th May ....
2pm (14:00) -
'Shooting Dogs...with a camera!' with Linda Johnstone
An hour jammed packed with take away info on how to photograph dogs in a studio situation, including how to manage dogs and clients during the shoot.

28th May .... 10am (10:00) - Photoshop Basics 1 (for beginners) with Panikos Hajistilly
Panikos will work on a portrait image, a pet image and a landscape, showing you the very basics of Photoshop. This will be aimed at beginners and will provide you with solid foundations if you are just starting out.

28th May .... 2pm (14:00) - WordPress Security Good Practice’ with Clark Morton

A completely invaluable session that will save you time and could save you from potential dreaded breaches of security.

29th May .... 10am (10:00) - Gavin Prest meets Martin Parr!
With great pleasure, we bring to you an intimate 121 with one of the most significant documentary photographers of post war Britain; Martin Parr.

29th May .... 2pm (14:00) - Exhibition Hour -  'Post Photography' with Vincent O'Byrne
Post Photography is a series of satirical and narrative images frames in the form of postage stamps that deliver powerful commentary on social, political and cultural issues of the last 15 years, plus more - delivered by a photographic icon. 


We have a library of previous webinars all accesible to members 'on demand' so they can be watched at any time.
They include lighting, editing, posing, wrapping, marketing, websites, critiques and competition images and more including 'exhibition' hours - all across multiple genres!
All these have been presented by some great trainers including Gary Hill, Gavin Prest, Kevin Pengelly, Paul Callaghan, Jo Bradley, Claire Elliott, Saraya Cortaville, Panikos Hajistily, John Bolloton and Lee Glasgow to name but a few.
The full catalogue is accessible from the members private area of the website

Below are some FREE TO WATCH sessions as examples -
'Light, Shoot, Retouch and SELL!' with Panikos Hajistilly
How to Push Your Creativity Working for Free! with Saraya Courtaville
An Introduction to Drones with Alan Proto