Reallusion introduce new 3D animation tool for Photoshop projects

Reallusion, Inc., an award-winning developer of video creation software for real-time 3D animation, has introduced a new way for Photoshop Users to create 3D Stereo prints... Read more →

Ricoh introduce free Worldwide iPhone & iPad App

Ricoh have announced the release of the English version of GR World, a specialized application for iPhones and iPads. This application enables you to view images... Read more →

Its official - The public are confused

A new piece of interesting research from Samsung reveals over a third of Brits (37%) are under using their cameras, more so than other technologies such as... Read more →

New 'tailorable' lightmeter.

Sekonic Corporation have announced the launch of the DigiCineMate L-308DC, a simple and easy-to-use light meter that can be customized to display only the specific functions you require and... Read more →

Tamaron's new compact mega-zoom lens

Tamron are introducing a new mega travel zoom with a focal range of 18-270mm. It  features a newly developed Piezo ultrasonic motor, which ensures a silent, precise and... Read more →

Simon Watson passes Guild Qualification

Simon Watson has been interested in photography for the last 25 years, and during the last 3 years has invested a lot of time and effort to take his photography to the... Read more →

Massive national savings for Guild members!

A reminder for members that you have access to over 22,500 discounts nationally through your membership card -  many of which can save you a lot... Read more →

The Guild is a 'Mark of Trust' and gets huge bridal databases for members

The Guild is keen to promote high standards as every customer deserves them from their photographer .. There are too many horror stories 'out there' where... Read more →

Niel Stewart becomes Qualified in three Guild areas!

Niel Stewart, a relatively new Guild member is collecting Guild qualifications! First of all he Qualified in the Wedding category..then Landscapes & now Portraiture. Niel has been taking pictures since he... Read more →

Randy Coaker becomes Australia's first Qualified Guild member.

Randy Coaker has become our first 'Qualified' member in Australia following a very strong submission from him. With over 20 years experience Randy has covered many aspects of photography... Read more →