Its not cheap at £3600 body only but is it good value? In a word 'Yes'! This is a truely exceptional camera. It is a true 'wolf in sheeps clothing'  looking virtually identical to its predecessor - the D3 but as we know looks can be decieving..

The 12.1 megapixal CMOS sensor has a wide dynamic range and a high signal-to-noise ratio. It has a dust reduction system but interestingly no stabilisation system as Nikons Vibration Reduction Technology is built into the lens not the camera body - which is made from hard-wearing weather sealed magnesium alloy.

However, what makes this camera 'Headline' news is the ISO range resulting from its new sensor and EXPEED processor as it allows handheld shots to be be taken effectively in virtually pitch back conditions. The ISO sensity is double that of the D3. To give an idea of perspective about this .. it requires only 1/60sec to capture an image that would usually require a one-second exposure at ISO 1600!! In other words it opens the doors to shooting in almost any lighting potential.

It offers the choice of 51 Autofocus selection points to ensure pin-point accuracy and is capable of up to 11 frames per second shooting speeds, has a viewfinder that offers 100% field of view coverage and even has a high definition movie recording capability.

It weighs 2.5kg with lens reflecting the fact this is a serious work tool. Itis capable of fantastic results and has even been designed to be operable under extreme circumstances - most functions are even operable when wearing gloves!

This camera is arguably that significant an advance it is the camera equivalent of the first steps on the moon...In other words a major achievement justifying a Guild rating of 9++ out of 10!!  A rare and exceptional score.