Upgrade to PRO!


Professionalism in photography is part skill, part knowledge and mainly experience. But regardless of your level of expertise and needs as a photographer, the quality of your gear also plays its part in making sure you can create the images you need for your work or want for yourself.

With this in mind, Olympus want to offer you a way to add to your existing camera gear or upgrade with a truly professional camera body and lens. If you purchase an E-M1 Mark II camera body or camera kit during September or October you can claim one free of charge F1.2 prime lens (17mm, 25mm or 45mm) from them.

Have a look at the sample image gallery IN THIS LINK as they are sure that you will immediately see the pristine quality of their PRO lenses. Plus when using your new E-M1 Mark II camera with their PRO lenses, your whole kit will be extremely well sealed against what nature can throw at you.

Buy any E-M1 Mark II (kit or body) during September or October and get one of their three F1.2 PRO lenses free of charge. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Buy the camera from a participating dealer or online in their Olympus Shop
  • Go to their campaign claim page to fill out a form and claim your lens
  • Enjoy your new camera and lens!

In order to get the offer, the camera purchase needs to made between 1/9/2020-31/10/2020. After that remember to claim your offer at the latest, on 30/11/2020.

Take a look now....offer ends soon!