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The Perfect Wall Art For Wedding Photographers
nPhoto offers an impressive range of Wall Art options, with sizes going from 20x20 to 70x50cm / 8x8 to 28x20” and a decent selection of differing finishes. Both landscape and portrait sizes are available. These can be personalised and offered fairly quickly, as nPhoto’s website allows users to download easy to use mockups on their page.

Acrylic Prints
Your photos will be printed on a smooth matte paper and placed behind a clean acrylic plate. These can also be ordered stacked onto an MDF backboard to make them stand out. The Acrylic plate is close to 6mm

Metal Prints
Printed onto aluminum Dibond. These are much different than most metal prints out there and can make B&W photos turn out really well in particular. Metal Prints can also come stacked just like the Acrylic, but have the option of being framed in black as well. Offers a unique, stylistic look.

Framed Prints
This is a simple print surrounded by a wooden frame, which can come black, white or brown. There are two paper options to choose from – Canon Satin, a fine semi-matte paper or Mohawk Eggshell, a fine art paper. You can choose to add a white passepartout around the photo.

MDF Wood Mounted Prints
Lastly, this durable matte print has a laminated photo finish which makes it extra scratch-resistant and is mounted on an MDF backboard.

Each of these picks can greatly improve the interior of a room in their own way, and all are more than suitable for some personalised wedding wall art! Find out more HERE