Hot off the press so to speak...Fujifilm has launched the follow-up to the acclaimed DL410, the Frontier DL430, a dual roll dry inkjet minilab.

It offers a flexible and compact photofinishing solution with a dual roll paper capability that allows for the simultaneous printing of multiple sizes or surfaces. Other additional features of the DL430 include the choice of an 8-order sorter or a 7-order sorter for large prints and two-line backprinting capability. This compact printer is a real workhorse and is capable or producing 650 4 x 6 inch prints per hour and 250 8 x 10 inch prints per hour.

This could be the ideal printing solution for many situations with its flexible output capability, and no special power requirements. Maintenance is as simple as changing the ink cartridges and switching papers, so no technical skills are required. It uses a piezoelectric inkjet printing system that produces high-quality images on glossy or lustre roll or sheet fed paper.