The Profoto B10 is a big light in a small package, inspired by space, portability, and getting the shot. The quality of light it delivers brings continuous creative possibilities, and ease-of-use means it can be taken anywhere at any time. With the power of 5 speedlights and compatibility with 120+ light shaping tools, it provides constant photographic flexibility and consistency.


With the ever changing and unpredictable sun, shooting on location could easily be a nightmare. Hannah Couzens went out to the fields to put the Profoto B10 to the test, inspired by space, portability, and getting the envisioned shots. 



"I never like to be restricted by anything when I shoot. Having that freedom to move plus the power to shoot in any conditions means my creativity has no limits. Whether I was using the B10 for some subtle fill or to lift the shadows from the bright midday sun, I was never restricted to create the shots that I wanted." 


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