Hahnemühle has responded to the current situation and has expanded its production with much-needed mouth and nose protection.

As an expert in high-quality filter papers, Hahnemühle has used its many years of experience to producing a perfectly aligned covering for the mouth and nose which is also suitable for people who wear glasses.

HaMuNa® Care, a disposable mouth and nose cover can be used anywhere, e.g. on public transport, in supermarkets, waiting rooms and public buildings. As a barrier, it prevents people passing the infection through coughing and corresponds to hygienic behaviour in the case of an infectious disease. It is designed for short-term and singular use. After use, it can be disposed of easily in the wastepaper collection in an environmentally friendly manner for future recyclability.

HaMuNa® Care is offered in a single dispenser of 200 pieces or with a stand display. The easy to use contactless dispenser can be placed in Public buildings, companies, clinics or doctors to provide mouth and nose protection to visitors. Due to a perforation on the mask wings, the HaMuNa Care® can be adapted to the shape of an individual‘s head.

The HaMuNa® Care material is breathable and printable (digital and analog) and certified for direct food contact. The digitally printed display and dispenser can be flexibly printed for branded goods and retailers.

Further, Hahnemühle is offering HaMuNa® Care at cost price, to help make a contribution to a rapid containment of the pandemic and fulfilling its social responsibility.

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Equally importantly Hahnemühle is delivering consumables for the new COVID-19 cartridge-based test system capable of rapidly detecting multiple virus infections with results delivered within an hour