Datacolor®, a global leader in colour management solutions, is launching a ‘Back to School’ promotion on a range of its Spyder products.

Datacolor's colour management solutions offer users the power to edit images, print photos and manage colour with incredible accuracy.

The Spyder range of products offer a solution for every application, ensuring that colours are reproduced correctly and consistently. From calibrating monitors to accurate colour management on a shoot, the Spyder range has it all.

The Back to School promotion will be valid until 20th September, and is available from Wex, Park Cameras and the Datacolor website.


Product Promotions:

SpyderCHECKR - Professional camera colour correction for photo and video

Offer price: £89 (RRP £125)

SpyderX Pro – Fast, precise and easy monitor colour-calibration tool

Offer price: £115 (RRP £159)

SpyderX Elite – Next-level monitor colour-calibration tool for professional photographers and videographers

Offer price: £159 (RRP £249)

SpyderX Photo Kit - A practical and affordable colour management tool kit for accurate colour management and precise light and shadow detail from image capture to post-production. The Photo Kit includes SpyderX Elite, SpyderCheckr 24 and SpyderCube.

Offer price: £199 (RRP £299)

Find out more about the ‘Back to School’ offers here.